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    Shoes & Socks: From 'Fashion-Don't' to 'Fashion-Do-It-Right-Now'

    Shoes & Socks: From 'Fashion-Don't' to 'Fashion-Do-It-Right-Now'

    For quite a long time, socks had been a hidden piece of clothes. Revealing socks above shoes was a strict 'fashion-don't'. This rule has been utterly turned around over the last two years, and showing off the socks has become a 'fashion-do-it-right-now'. We see it everywhere from runways to streets, on boys and girls, with heels or flats.

    For girls, the easiest way to pull off this trend is to start with ankle socks on either flats or heels. While single color socks give a basic but subtly chic look, a pair of colorful socks can create a really playful and fun appearance. 

    For guys, combining ankle boots or moccasins with differently patterned socks can establish either a mature and masculine image, or a youthful and stylish look. During winter times, adding a pair of bright socks to your heavy winter boots can keep you visually and physically extra warm :)

    This winter, we proudly welcome Happy Socks to join our boots collection. You can now include a pair of Happy Socks with a pair of Mamahuhu boots for as low as €6.95, only online. What are you waiting for? Get the style now!

    Picture Source: http://stylevanity.com/2014/02/shoes-with-socks-trend.html






    Tired of Normcore? What about Add some Color to Your Daily Style?

    Tired of Normcore? What about Add some Color to Your Daily Style?

    Normcore has been dominating the fashion world and street style for a few years now,
    embracing the idea of being nothing special, acting basic and avoiding standing out.
    In a world full of Normcore wearers, we see streets like this:
    For some, this is the perfectly comfortable style for daily life. But for others, who crave
    for a bit more color, to boost the mood or to match the sunshine, dressing normcore all
    day could be really mundane. 
    What about add in a little bit of color from the shoes? Sometimes even if just the laces
    would make a big difference!
    Coming from the city as vibrant as Bogotá, we celebrate all the colors you could imagine.
    Our signature Colorines bring all these vigorous colors from the charming land of South
    America to you.
    Can't wait adding a bit of color to your daily style?
    Come and choose your color here!
    Picture Source: https://blog.lonewolfmag.com/normcore/; 

    There is a Happy Colombian Artisan Behind Each Pair of Mamahuhu

    There is a Happy Colombian Artisan Behind Each Pair of Mamahuhu

    Back in 2010 when we first started Mamahuhu, we took a lot of walks around the poor areas in Colombia, looking for cobblers and shoe repairing stalls. We would talk to them, look at their works, and make some sample tests to select suitable artisans to work with us.
    white white white
    Fair trade has been very important to Mamahuhu from the very beginning, therefore we don't employ children, and we employ women who want to support their families. Every artisan work normal hours a day with flexible time schedule. They are all paid per finished product, and in this way, they make 20% more money than what they earn in a factory.
    white white white
    To take a step even further, we support artisans to grow independently, and they end up becoming a company themselves, who sell shoes to us directly.
    white white white
    Nowadays, as the word spread about happy artisans working  with Mamahuhu, more and more artisans in Colombia call us and bring their samples to our offices.



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