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    Mamahuhu was born from a tradition of quality shoe making by Colombian artisans.

    We source our leather and manufacture the shoes in Bogota, Colombia. Started from our
    signature collection Colorines in 2010, we strive to make a shoe that is a fun and
    everyday wear. Dressed up or dressed down, our signature model offers a variety of
    colors and textures for all ages and sexes. Each pair of Mamahuhu is mounted on a
    leather or recycled rubber sole as a commitment to sustainability and ecology.

    Apart from creating high quality shoes, Mamahuhu also cares about Colombian artisans
    from disadvantaged areas. By working with these talented artisans, we help them get
    employed and use their skills to build a better life for their families. At the same time, their
    generations of handmade craftsmanship makes our products refined and fitted for both
    comfort and style.