As the season changes, so do we!

As the season changes, so do we!

, by Alex Whiteland, 2 min reading time

In Barcelona the weather is starting to cool down, and with that our style adapts. We will all have to carefully store away our summery espadrilles, and find ourselves some shoes that can withstand the occasional Barcelona rain. That’s why we have decided to open a brand new line dedicated to leather footwear and accessories, incapsulated in a brand new store. 


We are so excited to unveil our new store to all of you wonderful people. The new space will be in a familiar location, situated opposite our famous Carrer de Call store. What makes this store so unique is its dedication to winter footwear and high-quality leather accessories. 



This store will, of course, be different in the products it has to offer, but like any Handmade store customers will always receive the attentive service they know and love. The good news does not stop there, as we are also able to offer all of our new products online, with free international shipping, for our customers all over the globe. 


The design of this store differs from our usual design, by including darker natural colours. We have comfortable sofas for those in the group that may be tired from a long day of sightseeing, and a beautiful handmade mosaic showcasing three of Barcelona’s most recognisable landmarks. In the timeless style of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. 


Some of our favourite pieces are:



Our colourful leather shoes are handmade by master artisans in Catalunya, using high quality materials. Designed for modern men and women who value individualism. Handmade creates new styles by combining contradictory elements together: 


  • Traditionally Handmade with a Modern Style 
  • Luxurious Quality at an Affordable Price 
  • Elegant Materials with Playful Colours



Mountainous shoes for adventurous individuals:



Our new leather boots collection is designed to withstand all walks in life. All handmade by master artisans in Spain, these shoes are built to last.  Made using a mixture of materials as opposed to our usual clean and simple finish, these shoes stand out from the rest in their own modest way.



We look forward to welcoming you in our brand new store soon. 








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