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  • Rose Princess

    Rose Princess

    Custom-made Catalan Espadrilles. This design was custom-made by us and it can't be altered. If you want to design your own pair of Espadrilles, check out our workshop. ✈️ Free shipping is also included in the price ✈️ FAMILY KNOW-HOW The shoes are made in our family-owned workshop in Spain. For over 10 years we have been working on creating shoes with noble materials exclusively in respectful working conditions. COMFORT Imagine wearing 5cm heels and feeling like you’re walking with sneakers. That’s the level of comfort this splendid pair of espadrilles will bring you. We upgraded the sole with gel, so it will be your ally for the long walks. The refined style of the shoes will match every occasion perfectly. CLASSIC "A Classic is always The right choice" -Salvador Dalí Do you believe in girl power? Because this shoe is all about being glamorous and feminine. Give yourself super powers and fly above the limits. This shoe is a mix of class and sophistication in a pair of modern day espadrilles! THE LITTLE PLUS These espadrilles come with a long ribbon that can be tied around your ankle. You can wear them in several different styles and adjust them to your outfits. Check our Instagram for tutorials.



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