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    Dear family, 

    Luis and Kathe here writing a post, as we just realised we have not done it so since Covid hit two years ago. 

    As you all know, we have been super busy, together with you, having a great time with the experience, both online and onsite. We have been covering it all via Instagram, so it is not like we disappeared, but we just thought about posting now!

    The Espadrilles Experience has become vital in our daily routines, it has become the soul of the brand, and it is for sure what we most enjoy, sharing time with you all.

    As of today, we have hosted, literally, 1.462 sessions since we started with the experience. We have had people from more than 60 countries, if not more… most of them are active on our Instagram, which exploded during the last year or so (www.instagram.com/barcelonahandmade) and it has become our main point of interaction with all those guests from outside Barcelona. 

    We have had all the big companies celebrating their Christmas parties and team building events with us. Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft, Google, Instagram, Amazon, etc. We even created a special website for companies to learn about the experience and to book it (www.espadrillesexperience.com)

    What a ride! The thing we are most proud of? We can now say that we have friends in all those countries and companies, and we are sure that as Barcelona opens up for tourism, we are going to have them visiting daily! So looking forward to that, hopefully this summer! 

    What lies ahead then?
    Well, we are super energised by this success and we are working now in several projects at the same time:

    - Launching this experience on Amazon Explore.

    - Open franchises with our concept in Spain, United Arab Emirates and hopefully USA too! 

    - Creating a whole new collection of our espadrilles for this summer 2022. 

    - Growing our team to more than 50 people now.

    Want to know more? As always, we are happy to get in touch directly, either on Instagram or WhatsApp. It is literally us, Luis and Kathe, writing this and talking to you, our dear guests at the experience.


    The Espadrilles Experience

    The Espadrilles Experience

    Hello there!
    How have you all been? Long time no see you around. We hope that you are holding up well in this difficult situation. Regarding us...we have been busier than ever!

    You may be wondering what has been going on during last months in our shops. Well, let’s recap a little bit. Back in April, Kathe’s hobby ended up being a really successful and unique experience: our custom made espadrilles workshop. Which we have grown now into our most ambitious project so far: The Espadrilles Experience.
    As you may know, during the current year, the government had limited our physical selling possibility, due to the pandemic. Therefore, we had to reinvent ourselves to keep the engine running. It is said that during difficult times artists create the most beautiful and breathtaking pieces. Well, then our most than 1000 online debutant artisans can say that for themselves. This year, thanks to this new experience, people from all the globe have been able to let their imagination run wild and create the most beautiful and unique Espadrilles in the world.

    During the experience, our customers join us on a video call. We present them the history of the Espadrilles and they design their own pair. They decide upon the base of the shoe, the ribbons, the stitching styles and all the colors. After all that is done, we make the shoes for them live!

    We received such amazing feedback, that we could never have imagines. A consulting group in Singapore hired us to organize a workshop for their hiring process. Yes, a funny session of our experience was crucial when they choose their next employee. Crazy, right?

    We also have had new artisans from renowned organizations like HARVARD, PINTEREST, GOOGLE and TWITTER. Companies are more and more interested in sharing this unique experience with their colleagues. We even have a weekly meeting with one of this companies every Friday for the following 3 months! Awesome, right? Now that we can’t share a drink together at the pub, why wouldn’t we share it online while creating amazing Espadrilles?

    As you see, this is a unique concept that has conquered the heart of people from all continents. Participants get to learn about the product, design it themselves and have it shipped to their home. The impact on the online community was so enormous that newspapers, online magazines and the television echoed our success. We received lots of great reviews and comments in the international mass media.
    Being featured by AIRBNB as one the 10 TOP Worldwide Experiences allowed us to reach every corner of the world having online sessions in far places like Australia, New Zealand or Dubai. Having this impact also made our customers in India send us their ownership deeds only to be able to receive our genuine and especial kit for making their own handmade espadrilles… creation has no limits, right?
    This online adventure was presented not only in national media but also in social networks and international press!
    Even our customer’s personal YouTube and Instagram channels talk about us. They show in real life the impact of this ethical, unique and crazy experience. They share with the rest of the world how happiness can be experienced by just joining a Zoom meeting. Cassey and Doddy, from the Bermudas enjoy a special moment while unboxing the package containing the Espadrilles they made.
    They also almost cry of excitement and surprise like Kate from Drexel University:
    A total reinvention of the Espadrilles, adapted to these confinement times. It has been a total hit. An international revolution. Our FedEx delivery man fills his trolley everyday only with our parcels!
    We are now close to end this year and we are happy, we are thankful to each and every new artisan in the world. Thank you so much for making this possible, thank you so much for believing in us and thank you for sharing your crazy and beautiful designs with us. Thank you for making The Espadrilles Experience possible.
    If you ever want to make your own pair of unique Espadrilles, we are always available for you here.

    Mother's Day Workshop Experience

    Happy Mother's Day!
    Thanks to you, we have recently managed to accomplish two great titles with our workshop. We are really grateful for all your help and support.
    We are #7 on Tripadvisor on the top list of  all the shopping experiences from Barcelona. Amazing, right?
    Also, on Airbnb, we are ranked in the Top 10% Worldwide Experiences, with 170+ 5-star reviews!
    As you can see, our workshop is among the best experiences in the world. What could be a better gift for Mother's Day, than a custom-made pair of Espadrilles, that we are going to make live?
    How will that work?
    You can book a place for the online Mother's Day Workshop until the 2nd of May. Then, on the 3rd of May, we are going to make all the Espadrilles live on Instagram. During the live stream we will ask for your mother's shoe size, her preferred colors and her preferred type of stitching, there are more than 125 variations! 
    To make an idea about the whole process, check out the video below:
    HANDMADE® BARCELONA - Mother's Day Workshop Experience
    Book now!
    If you want, we can even make the whole experience a surprise. Just tell us a specific date and time and a way to reach your mother and we will make a surprise call, then stitch her pair of Espadrilles live!
    If you consider that the live streaming is not fit for you, we can record a video of us making the shoes and send it to you.
    Once your shoes are ready, we will ship them to your door for FREE with the express 72h international shipping service offered by DHL or FedEx.

    What will you get:
    • A really unique gift for Mother's Day
    • A customized pair of espadrilles
    • The story of the most iconic shoes from Spain
    • A happy mother :)
    Book now!
    Thank you, stay healthy and keep in touch with us via our Whatsapp (+34) 640 126 099

    THE WORKSHOP: Our most successful initiative

    Rated this past February as one of the best Airbnb Experiences in Spain, and TOP10 worldwide, what started as a hobby for Kathe (making traditional old-school stitched espadrilles on the cold mornings in Winter) ended up being one of the coolest must-do experiences for tourists and locals in Barcelona. 
    “I always liked the classic” Kathe tells me, while stitching black ribbons over a white canvas espadrilles (the very iconic Dali design). “I never thought visitors would like to spend 2 hours stitching on their vacations, did you?” 


    Kathe stitching espadrilles in her workshop in Barcelona
    However it turns out, as the fully booked agenda shows, they do. They come in couples, solo-travelling or as a family activity with kids. It seems to be an experience that anyone can enjoy, at very different levels, from the educational point of view of a kid to the cultural and cool experience of making your own Catalan shoes as an adult. It is also an amazing option for those Instagram pictures and stories that will make all your friends jealous… it definitely worked for us. 


    Kathe and I are the founders and artisans of HANDMADE BARCELONA® an ethical brand of handmade traditional shoes from Cataluña. We have been many years making shoes on family-owned factories in Spain. Together with AirBnb and for more than a year now we have been hosting a very successful workshop where we teach how to stitch traditional Catalan espadrilles. This unique experience has brought us many nominations in 2019 as a must-do in Barcelona. Every morning at 9am tourists from all over queue at our doorstep. We love it, we open with a smile, with the two mandatory kisses of Spanish culture and with salsa music on the background. 



    After telling an interesting story about the origin of this type of shoes, we show how to stitch an espadrille to the guests and lead them on the task. Every customer is able to choose the color of the textile, the ribbons and the type of stitching. In total, there are more than 125 different options, so even the initial part choosing options is an experience by itself. At the end each of them keep its own creation, an authentic espadrille handmade by themselves on their trip to Cataluña, what a cool souvenir right? Ah, and then we also teach you how to lace them up, because it turns out that there are 5 different ways to do it, and each way means different things in Catalan culture, as if making the shoes and eating churros was not already fun enough! Are you in?



    We are not only experts when it comes to espadrilles, but I believe we are also fun and entertaining with our anecdotes and stories, and we have hundreds of them, haha, after the more than 250 workshops we have made just in 2019. We are passionate and we know how to captivate you, not only by our stories, also with Kathe's designs, or even surprising you with churros in the middle of the session (favorite part of many customers, haha).
    It has been a hit, even Japanese TV was last year making a special on our workshop, which was a highlight of our summer indeed. 


    Lacing up traditional espadrilles in Barcelona


    If you are ever in Barcelona, do not hesitate to visit us in the emblematic Gothic Quarter, it might even be the highlight of your trip. We will try our best to make it so.


    Otherwise, even from home is possible as we are now offering the virtual experience, in which you can get your pair stitched by Kathe and shipped to you for the same price, just 59,90Eur! Book it here or contact me for more information. 

    As the season changes, so do we!

    As the season changes, so do we!

    In Barcelona the weather is starting to cool down, and with that our style adapts. We will all have to carefully store away our summery espadrilles, and find ourselves some shoes that can withstand the occasional Barcelona rain. That’s why we have decided to open a brand new line dedicated to leather footwear and accessories, incapsulated in a brand new store. 


    We are so excited to unveil our new store to all of you wonderful people. The new space will be in a familiar location, situated opposite our famous Carrer de Call store. What makes this store so unique is its dedication to winter footwear and high-quality leather accessories. 



    This store will, of course, be different in the products it has to offer, but like any Handmade store customers will always receive the attentive service they know and love. The good news does not stop there, as we are also able to offer all of our new products online, with free international shipping, for our customers all over the globe. 


    The design of this store differs from our usual design, by including darker natural colours. We have comfortable sofas for those in the group that may be tired from a long day of sightseeing, and a beautiful handmade mosaic showcasing three of Barcelona’s most recognisable landmarks. In the timeless style of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. 


    Some of our favourite pieces are:



    Our colourful leather shoes are handmade by master artisans in Catalunya, using high quality materials. Designed for modern men and women who value individualism. Handmade creates new styles by combining contradictory elements together: 


    • Traditionally Handmade with a Modern Style 
    • Luxurious Quality at an Affordable Price 
    • Elegant Materials with Playful Colours



    Mountainous shoes for adventurous individuals:



    Our new leather boots collection is designed to withstand all walks in life. All handmade by master artisans in Spain, these shoes are built to last.  Made using a mixture of materials as opposed to our usual clean and simple finish, these shoes stand out from the rest in their own modest way.



    We look forward to welcoming you in our brand new store soon. 



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