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    The Workshop: The only place where you decide how we make your shoes

    Have you ever wondered about how are your shoes made? Maybe even wanted to try your hand at making your own? We offer several experiences that might interest you. We teach curious people how to make their own Espadrilles. We handcraft custom-made shoes based on their choices. Shopping is a unique experience with us.

    In the last year we have organised 200+ workshops. In the last month we stitched more than 100 pairs of custom-made Espadrilles, live with our customers. Currently we offer 4 different experiences, for those that are looking for more than just an average shoe. The experiences can be broken down into 2 main categories:

    • The ones where you choose the colors, materials, stitching styles and we make them for you.

    • The ones where we teach you how to make your own shoes. This is where you get to learn more about the history of the shoes and the Spanish culture.

    Check them out below.

    DIY Package

    Craft your shoes with yout own hands! We will deliver all the materials needed to your door, along with a video that will guide you through the whole process of making your shoes. Tradition and history will come to life in your living room as you learn about a new, different culture. 


    Custom-made Espadrilles

    You are now the designer of your shoes. Each pair of Espadrilles has 3 customisable parts: the color of the base material, the color of the laces and the stitching style. You can choose out of a vast option of colors and styles. There are  19 200 possible combinations waiting for you. You design it, we make it for you.


    Custom-made Espadrilles for Kids

    In case you were wondering, we make custom-made Espadrilles for kids too. The process is the same as in the case of adults. You choose the materials, the color of the base, the color of the laces and the type of stitching. Then we make the shoes for your little one.


    Handpainted Menorquinas

    Our handpainted Menorquinas represent an exclusive fashion item. The possibilities are endless. There are no 2 handpainted shoes in the world that look the same. Just tell us what would you like to be painted on the shoes and our artisans will be happy to make it come true.


    The Experience: Make your own Espadrilles

    A workshop were you will learn how to stitch your own Catalan shoes. We will guide you through the whole process. You will learn about the history of the Espadrilles, about the Spanish culture and about various local traditions. When we finish, you will have a unique pair of shoes that you made. You can either opt for our virtual experience held via Zoom or our in-person experience held in Barcelona in our little factory.



    "Thank you to Luis and Kathe for this wonderful experience. We enjoyed learning more about Catalan espadrilles and making them! The anecdotes were fun and captivating. The workshop was also very friendly. I couldn't be more thankful for the great time we had and the delicious churros! I strongly recommend."

    wrote by Estelle, on Airbnb

    "This was a delightful experience born of creativity, ingenuity, and passion for the subject, and the culture it represents. Espadrilles are more than a casual shoe, and Luis revealed their history, significance, and importance in Spanish culture, even breaking down the significance in various regions of the country (Catalan and Basque, for example). He and Katia seemed so genuinely excited to share their knowledge and craftsmanship. I would love to repeat the experience with friends for a birthday party or other celebration, and whenever I again have the opportunity to visit Barcelona, Homemade Barcelona will definitely be a stop ... between trips to La Boqueria."

    wrote by Ann E, on Airbnb

    "What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Luis and Kathe were kind and welcoming. I learned a lot about the history and cultural significance of espadrilles, as well as several new ways to tie them! I can't wait to wear my new pair of shoes! Highly recommend this experience!"

    wrote by Reina, on Airbnb

    "If someone wants to do something different and special with amazing people, this experience is a must. Our hosts were extraordinarily friendly and the historical and cultural information was so much interesting to listen and learn. Making the espadrilles was very fun, hosts help you at every step. It is not just about making shoes, it is a cultural experience with every step. I have also learned tricks about how to put on the espadrilles (I was doing it wrong all of my life). I definitely recommend it :)"

    Burcu, on Airbnb

    "I recently participated in the Make Your Own Espadrilles Workshop, the perfect activity to do virtually from home during quarantine. Luis and his team were knowledgable and made the experience educational and interactive, touching on the history of the shoes itself and showcasing how truly artisanal the process is. It was so much fun to handpick the canvas color, stitching and ribbon and to watch them construct the shoe right in front of us from their shop. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience resulting in an unforgettable memory and soon, a one-of-a-kind shoe that'll be delivered to my door!"

    wrote by Alexandra, on Tripadvisor



    Ethical Detail

    All of our products are made by artisans. We only use local materials of the best quality for our shoes. We keep alive the tradition of family-owned workshop.


    Worldwide Free Shipping

    We offer free 72h express shipping for all orders. We ship the parcels with DHL and FedEx. Full tracking included.


    You Are the Designer

    This is the only store where you get to choose how we make your shoes. Or even better, you make them for yourself!


    Shop today with 10% OFF your first order!



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